Cameron kempson


artist bio

Cameron Kempson is an educator, photographer, writer, and spiritual director living near Asheville, North Carolina. She holds a Master's in Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a certificate in Spiritual Guidance from the Shalem Institute.

As a spiritual director and native of Western North Carolina, Cameron turns to nature as a source of healing and inspiration but also as an invitation to "just be." She learned this lesson at age 40 when she was diagnosed with cancer and spent that spring and summer healing among the ladybugs, flowers, and vegetables. Since that time, her photography has focused on simple aspects of nature and creation that engage the observer's spiritual center.

Once told that "anyone can take a picture of a flower," Cameron responded, "Well, sure. But it's the detail, color, lighting and setting that uniquely speak to the person's soul. And when people look at my work, no two stories are the same." Her photography invites people to slow down and "just be" with the image in hopes of inspiring people to access nature as a source of sabbath.

Her recent book of meditations, Growing Grace: A Book of Psalms Celebrating Creation, highlights several of the images on display at our gallery.