Melinda dement


Artist bio

Self-taught since the mid 70’s and having painted in traditional mediums of oil, pastel, watercolor, pen & ink, color pencil, graphite, and more; Melinda created art primarily ‘for others’- with detailed representation, local color, and precision.

In 1985 Melinda earned an A.A.S Commercial Graphics degree at Randolph Community College; Asheboro, N.C., with a ‘Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges’ award. From 1986-2009 she thrived in a career and owned a small business, ‘DataMotif’ in the field of computerized embroidery digitizing and education. Melinda’s fine art was put aside for most of that time.

For the last few years, Melinda has delved into broad experimentation in many mediums including alcohol inks, abstract, textural and embellished mixed mediums, acrylic and more. Her primary endeavor has been pressing to expand beyond her inclination to paint mostly representational work, to “creating with abandon”, mostly from imagination and from heart. The results are typically colorful, positive, and often whimsical; intended to uplift.

Artist statement

My art has served me as a life raft, and has carried me through some of the darkest times of my life experience. Art is a continuous process of self-discovery, including ‘intuitive’ painting in acrylics, and other intuitive processes called Touch Drawing™ for which I am certified to facilitate. Many surprising faces, animals and other-dimensional beings appear during these meditative practices. Additionally, patterned-type drawing offers a reliable kind of ‘thought-free’ sessions.

It is my intension to create art that uplifts, and even heals the soul. I enjoy teaching art for therapy and other heart-centered classes. It is my understanding: If you are working with what lights you up- it is only then that you are of service to the world. And in turn, you will be supported in your Purpose.