kym easter


Artist bio

Kym’s love of color and light are apparent in all of her work. From the bright transparent ribbons of color built up in layers and layers of Resin, to the thick textures of acrylics and oils through to the gentle texture of painted silk scarves, color plays a major role. 

Growing up in the lush colorful hills of  West Virginia on a large dairy farm she was surrounded by a loving, supportive family. Her mother bought rolls and rolls of brown paper and boxes of crayons in an attempt to save her walls. Now here she is painting murals on other peoples walls on purpose.  

When her daughter was born she discovered the great lack of attractive children's furniture at the time. The only readily available furniture was plastic and orange. After designing and building her own, she began a custom painted furniture company and for many years worked with her dad and four other builders.  Their furniture was painted with flowing colors and vines and sold in boutique shops on Augusta Road and in the Americas Mart in Atlanta, and also in large arts and crafts show on the East coast.  

After moving to Travelers Rest, SC she became involved with the arts in her new small home town. Three of them started the TR Town Art Crawl and eight of them formed a Co-Op gallery named The White Rabbit Fine Art Gallery. After joining the board of directors for the Travelers Rest Artists Alliance she had the great fortune to be involved in the arts and business of her town.  

Finding a group or tribe as an artist opened doors of support and collaboration that she hadn't had the pleasure of being a part of in all the years of her art career. This lead her to the desire to help other artists find their groups and be able to make money with their art. She is currently working on creating online classes to teach other artists how to be successful and make money without giving their art away for "exposure". Stay tuned for info on available classes coming soon. 

“I wish you all the best colors in your life.”